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 Q&A de la Production de TERA pour Novembre

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MessageSujet: Q&A de la Production de TERA pour Novembre   Lun 28 Nov - 23:06

Régulièrement, En Masse Entertainment propose des sessions de chat avec la communauté, une occasion rêvée pour poser quelques questions au producteur Chris "Chager" Hager et au chargé de communauté Evan "Scapes" Berman.

Pour ce mois de novembre, la retranscription vient de tomber sur le site d'En Masse à cette adresse.

Rien de bien nouveau, mais ça vaut tout de même une petite lecture (en anglais). Certaines choses sont en cours de modification, il est question aussi des glyphes, de leur fonctionnement et ajustement. Pas mal de questions plus orientées sur l'esthétisme, bien évidemment sur une beta de plus grande échelle, le PvP, le soin, le ciblage pour certaines classes (de support surtout)..

Q: @Draykho Will there be any kind of tab targeting or targeting at all? Maybe a simple camera lock to help? Cant wait to play <3

There is no tab targeting in TERA. However, some of your skills will require you to "paint" your targets. For example, priests have a skill that allows you to target multiple party members for healing upon casting.

Q: @Deioth Great PvP improvements, do you intend to reward players for OWPvP rather than force them to grind BGs for PvP gear?

We don't want players to have to grind anything for good equipment. There are a lot of different ways to get gear with PvP stats. Drops from BAMs and bosses have the potential to have PvP stats and certain gear can be sealed and unsealed to change attributes randomly. Sealing and unsealing involves erasing an item's current bonuses and a random chance to add different stats that can grant PvP bonuses.

Q: @Nectemar Currently the Outlaw system is restricted to practically endgame. Will the level cap be lowered so I can OWPvP earlier?

Yes! We're currently fine-tuning what that level will be but it will be very early in the game.

Q: @Uruvion Is the preview event separate from the more public alpha tests?

: TERA is in closed alpha testing and the first public preview event will be separate from this testing phase, starting early 2012.

Q: @TeraHispano How is all going on with NA TERA alpha test?

Awesome! We've been getting really good feedback and insight which is allowing us to guide future changes to TERA. On top of that, everybody is having a blast which makes us more and more excited for our public preview events!

Q: @NightYoukai With /sit being added, are there any plans to add text based emotes to TERA as well? Ex- "/me drinks some water."

This is something we've communicated to the dev team. We don't have an ETA on implementation but it is on their radar.

Q: @jessetrevor Any news reguarding the new website for TERA ?

The new TERA-Online.com is progressing well and we're really excited by the changes we've seen (and the new forums).

Q: @Ocajnik Is there any chance at all for at least one server dedicated to hardcore pvp? Pvp from level 1?

An ironman server! This is something that we've tossed around the office but isn't something that will happen at launch. Maybe after?

Q: @frore Will ability mechanics/damage differ depending on PvP/PvE targets?

Skills will remain constant in function between PvP and PvE settings. The defining factors for PvP will be having gear with PvP bonuses (as we tweeted before) and player skill combined with class knowledge.

Q: @LodurZJ how will healing feel different between the healing classes? is one more direct heals or mitigation?

Healing is very different between priests and mystics! Mystics create both short-term, single-target heals and use directed heals. Priests on the other hand focus on healing the entire party at once through area-of-effect heals and multi-target heal skills.

Q: @Uruvion Will the community still have a chance to experience the game before the end of the year as previously mentioned?

We have our Friends & Family group and a select group of community members in our closed alpha test. This includes people who have attended our En Masse Entertainment events!

Q: @TeraHispano Why to add a Group XP bonus in TERA?

Prior to this group experience fix, it was almost punishment to level in a group due to the split experience sharing. This is a way to incentivize group play and overall community building.

Q: @NightYoukai Will master glyphs shake up a class's playstyle a bit, or will they just allow players more focus on preferred skills?

For folks who don't know, glyphs are tweaks to existing class skills that allow players to customize them to their play style. The intent of masterwork glyphs is to increase uniqueness of players in the same class, allowing for them to focus on different play styles. We feel that the new masterwork glyphs will accomplish this but we'll be watching to make sure that they do and changing them if they don't.

Q: @144Creations are there any plans to include player housing in TERA similar to what existed in Star Wars Galaxies?

Right now we're focusing on TERA's launch but we're always looking towards the game's future & we're seriously looking at player housing.

Q: @Ocajnik will guild wars enable open-world PvP on PvE servers?

We actually sent the development team an email asking about this very question earlier today! Essentially, for us to feel comfortable with enabling GvG on a PvE server, we'd like for GvG to be consensual between both parties. Tell us what you guys think about this topic on the forums!

Q: @AionPestilence do you plan on adding more customization/ fashion additions. In TERA?

We're aware that there's demand for aesthetic equipment pieces and are planning accordingly but making sure it doesn't break immersion.

Q: @Nectemar Will TERA have any Mod support?

If you mean add-ons, early on in development we tried to create add-on support and couldn't develop it to the quality we wanted. This will not be a launch feature for TERA but it is on our long-term radar.

Q: @frore TERA looks amazing. Will there be a 64-bit client for users running very high resolutions and graphic settings?

That's a really good question. Let us research that one and get back to you!

Q: @Ocajnik Have you changed the 4 hour time limit on guild wars?

We don't feel that four hours is long enough so we'll be extending the time limit. We're thinking closer to a day? Voice your opinions!

Q: @144Creations what sort of in-game holidays or events are planned for TERA? Anything similar to Lineage II?

We do want to have in-game holidays and events in TERA and will have more details on our plans regarding them closer to launch. Would you guys be interested in a "town hall" meeting with the En Masse Entertainment team during one of our preview events next year? Tell us!

Q: @Deioth Will PvE servers have the Server invasion feature? If so how will it work since it involves OWPvP following the invasion

Great question! Because PvE server rulesets are relatively new for our development team, we're trying to figure out how server invasions work in this environment. More information on this as we have it!

Q: @Nectemar The /Sit feature in TERA is it only for aesthetic purposes or does it give a resting bonus (increased regen) like normal MMO's

Currently, the /sit command is purely an aesthetic emote. If you want to have regen, throw a campfire down before you /sit!

Q: @TeraHispano Which is the idea behind the rest exp in TERA?

It's a way for more casual players to feel they're progressing well and allows them to keep up with their more active friends in-game.

Q: @SoyuzStrashok Can i create a communist state using the political system?

In Soviet TERA, political system elects you! If that's your desire, but you'll want to keep your people happy, comrade!

Q: @TeraHispano Will the jailing in the political system of the game be available in TERA at launch?


Q: @_Caladbolg_ Will there be a remodellling system in place for changing the look of an armor/weapon?

Yes! You can swap the appearance of same-type weapons and armors in TERA. ...for some in-game gold!

Q: @TeraHispano Will any more emotes be added in the future in TERA?

Yes, we're always looking at adding more ways for players to interact with one another.

SOURCE : http://www.tera-online.com et http://www.univers-virtuels.net/



Q&A de la Production de TERA pour Novembre

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